Insurance Auto Auctions – Getting Your Next Vehicle For Cheap is Easy!

Are you sick of paying full price for vehicles when you know that dealers are just a middle man? Do you want to save about 50% on your next vehicle and get it from somewhere other than a dealer? This is very possible and you can get your next vehicle at one of many insurance auto auctions for cheap. Here is how it works.

When an insurance company totals out a vehicle for any reason they now own it and they will auction it off. I know what you are thinking, Why would you want a car that has been totaled?

Well, what most do not understand is that a totaled car does not mean that it is not drivable or not fixable. It means that the amount of damage is equal to or greater than the amount the insurance company is willing to pay out to the owner of the car. They are more willing to cut a check for the value of the vehicle than pay to have it fixed.

This is good news for you because with insurance auto auctions and public car auctions you can get your vehicles for cheap. All you have to do is pay to have it fixed and sometimes this means paying a couple hundred dollars for the car, a thousand dollars to have it fixed, and it could be worth $5,000 or more when you are done.

You will want the advice of a mechanic and a body shop man if you do this because you will need to know how much it will cost to fix the vehicle. Take your time and shop the auctions properly and you can get a great deal on a vehicle that just needs a little bit of body work and has not real engine issues.